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MONTERREY, Mexico — The box score will tell the basics — highlighting the pair of home runs Marcell Ozuna crushed, the go-ahead blast Matt Carpenter provided and the five-run seventh that ensured Mexican-born reliever Giovanny Gallegos of an appearance in Sunday’s 9-5 Cardinals victory over the Reds at Estadio de Beisbol Monterrey.

But this was a game — a weekend, actually — defined by the much less tangible.

Aside from playing in the Major League cities of Toronto and Montreal, the Cardinals had never taken their big-league product international before agreeing to participate in MLB’s 2019 Mexico Series. What awaited them in Monterrey was, to use the words of one player, “special.”

The crowds were festive, and the passion for the sport striking, inside a ballpark that sits at the foot of the iconic mountain known locally as Cerro de la Silla. Cardinals shirts and hats and jerseys weren’t hard to spot. Nor was the potential for long-lasting impact.

“I think any opportunity to expand the brand is always positive for the organization as a whole,” said general manager Michael Girsch, one of several front-office members to accompany the club to Mexico.

“When it comes to recruiting and signing talent out of Mexico, it’s something we’re always looking at pursuing. I have no idea how two games in Monterrey, Mexico improves that. It can’t hurt. But certainly, it’s a unique opportunity to spread the game, spread the brand and just experience something different.”

The Cardinals’ presence in Mexico had already been on the uptick. After years spent focusing on improving the infrastructure and personnel resources in the baseball talent-rich Dominican Republic and Venezuela, the Cardinals, about four years ago, shifted their attention to other markets. That included Mexico.

The organization hired longtime Mexican League player Ramon Garcia in 2015 to oversee scouting in a country that has produced 13 current and former Cardinals. It was under Garcia’s watch that the Cardinals recently signed reliever Jesus Cruz, who is pitching in Triple-A Memphis’ bullpen, and Ramon Urias, an infielder ranked as the team’s No. 25 prospect by MLB Pipeline.

This weekend further enhances the organizational outreach.

“It’s two days out of the entire year, so you have to put that in perspective a little bit,” assistant general manager Moises Rodriguez said. “But it’s great that we can bring our brand and bring our organization to Mexico to show that we support international initiatives by MLB. It can’t hurt.”

The exposure went beyond the on-field entertainment, too. Spanish-language broadcaster Polo Ascencio spent much of his weekend passing out team gear to the locals. Gallegos and Andrew Miller took time to play ball with children from a nearby orphanage.

It was an immersion experience for the visitors, but also a familiar one to the Spanish-speaking players who found the atmosphere feeling familiar. Several of them helped key Sunday’s win, too.

Ozuna, a native of the Dominican Republic, delivered a three-run homer to jump-start the offense and then padded the lead late with his fifth home run in seven games. Puerto Rican catcher Yadier Molina helped extend the seventh inning with a two-out hit, paving the way for Venezuelan-born Jose Martinez to pad the lead with a two-run, pinch-hit single.

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ARLINGTON, Texas – Dak Prescott wasn’t in the lineup and neither was Ezekiel Elliott for the Cowboys, but then again, the Cardinals didn’t play Larry Fitzgerald or David Johnson (or Josh Rosen) either.

So, yes, it felt a little less like a dress rehearsal than perhaps a third preseason game normally would Sunday night at AT&T Stadium. But that didn’t make the five first-half turnovers forced by the starting defense and special teams mean any less to coach Steve Wilks, nor the 27-3 victory over the Cowboys.

By the time the game was over, the Cardinals (3-0) had forced eight turnovers. They are now a plus-15 in three preseason games, having turned it over only once themselves.

“Back when I first started, (getting turnovers) was the mantra we had in Chicago, and that’s stayed with me ever since,” Wilks said. “That’s a staple of our defense.”

Without Prescott or Elliott or most of the Dallas starting offense, caveats are necessary. Then again, the Cardinals were without their top three defensive tackles, and interestingly, spent the game almost exclusively in nickel, with two linebackers and three safeties.

And after a pair of muffed punts gave the Cards their first two turnovers, the defense – which had already forced eight turnovers in the first two preseason games – helped make the game a blowout.

Patrick Peterson had interception he returned 30 yards for a touchdown, and submarined Cowboys running back Rod Smith on a tackle to force another fumble. Safety Budda Baker stopped Dallas’ lone chance at first-half points with an end-zone interception.
“Honestly, this is what I envisioned, what I’ve been talking about all spring,” Peterson said. “This defense is really … set up for us to make plays, at any position.

“We’re flying around, playing together, communicating. It’s fun to see us.”
Wilks raved about his star cornerback.

“I can’t say enough about Patrick Peterson,” Wilks said. “The guy is playing lights out.”

The defense didn’t just do well getting the ball. The top goal of the week was stopping the run and, yes, the Cowboys were without Elliott and that excellent offensive line, but the Cards shut down Dallas with only 52 rush yards.

The Cardinals (3-0) needed the turnovers. Not only did Johnson and Fitzgerald not play, but quarterback Sam Bradford was in for only two series, completing just 1-of-4 passes for six yards and absorbing his first sack as a Cardinal.
“I was hoping he wasn’t hurt and he wasn’t,” Wilks said.

Rosen, nursing the right thumb injury suffered in practice last week, dressed but didn’t play. That meant Mike Glennon and Charles Kanoff got plenty of snaps, and the passing game never really did get untracked. It’s hard to figure out who you might want at receiver when there are only 52 total yards passing – although Wilks lamented multiple dropped passes.

The Cardinals also could only convert 2-of-13 third downs.

The running game did impress, however. Rookie Chase Edmonds had 55 yards on 11 carries starting in place of Johnson, and T.J. Logan – getting a ton of work after D.J. Foster looked to suffer a serious knee injury on a special teams play – gained 86 yards on only six carries, including a 59-yard touchdown run. The Cardinals rushed for 146 yards total.

The offensive imbalance didn’t worry the locker room. Said left tackle D.J. Humphries, “I know what we’re capable of.”

The Cardinals have a short week, hosting Denver in the final preseason game Thursday. They’ll only get one day of practice. The vast majority of the main players likely won’t see the field.

But Wilks emphasized that what the Cardinals showed Sunday – run-heavy on offense, and an opportunistic defense – was his team’s identity. It probably won’t be worth eight turnovers a game, but confidence is high.

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TEMPE, Ariz. — Five years ago, Tyrann Mathieu went to the NFL scouting combine on a mission.

He spent his few days in Indianapolis in February 2013 trying to rehabilitate his image with NFL teams. He had to explain himself. Explain why he was kicked off LSU’s football team. Explain why he smoked so much marijuana. Explain why he was arrested. Explain why he was worth drafting after spending a year out of football.

The questions were abundant.

One by one, Mathieu answered them.

After the Arizona Cardinals drafted him in the third round (No. 69 overall) that year — after five teams passed over him once, 16 teams passed over him twice — and 10 teams skipped by him three times, Mathieu kept answering them, both on and off the field.

Five years later, Mathieu has become an example of why people give second chances. He’s stayed out of trouble. He’s signed a mega contract extension worth up to $62.5 million over five years. He’s become a household name in the NFL — by some accounts a bona fide superstar.

But if there was one example of how far Mathieu has come, it happened in September of last year. That’s when the LSU Board of Supervisors approved a name change for the Tigers’ football players lounge to the “Mathieu Players’ Lounge at Football Operations” after a $1 million donation by Mathieu.

Seeing his name on the lounge will be “humbling,” Mathieu said, and will make him feel like “one of those old, rich dudes.”

“I’m still in awe about that,” said Del Lee-Collins, Mathieu’s defensive backs coach at St. Augustine High School in New Orleans and a close confidant. “Nothing ceases to amaze me with him. I never would’ve imagined it. I said things to coaches like, ‘He’s going to be a Heisman candidate.’ But I would never had imagined that he would have his own legacy on that campus.

“When you think about it, how great is that, that you can play for a university — and only play two years — and have trouble and get kicked off of the team, and you can still go back and donate for the betterment of the university and football program? I applauded him for a long time for that.”

On a chilly December 2017 winter night in Phoenix, five years ago seemed like a different lifetime.
Things didn’t always go smoothly for Tyrann Mathieu at LSU, but plenty of lessons were learned. Marvin Gentry/US Presswire
‘I’m just taking it in stride, all of it.’

Mathieu was behind the wheel of his military-like Mercedes SUV, one hand on the steering wheel, the other elbow resting on the door. Chaka Khan’s voice filled the car, followed by Stevie Wonder’s, Drake’s and J. Cole’s. Mathieu’s diverse taste in music doesn’t come as a surprise. This is a man who’s as comfortable talking about the intricacies of an NFL defense as he is explaining the latest conspiracy theory he’s researched — and there are plenty of those.

Mathieu was navigating the streets of Phoenix, stopping at homes of families in need, surprising kids with $1,000 worth of food, toys, clothes and cash, just in time to finish their Christmas shopping. The $10,000 Mathieu spent was all his. He didn’t take donations from corporations and then put his name on it. He wanted to give back, just like so many gave to him throughout his life, throughout the past five years.

“The inside of Ty has always been a humanitarian side because he gives more than he receives,” said Nick Rapone, Mathieu’s former position coach with the Cardinals. “The part that’s remarkable is Ty is no longer a follower. When you deal with marijuana and all that stuff, you’re a follower. Ty now has matured to where he’s making decisions for himself, his family and his livelihood. That’s the maturity that I saw.”

Part of Mathieu’s evolution has been the five-year contract extension he received in August 2016.

It was evidence of not just Mathieu’s development as a football player, it fulfilled the belief the Cardinals put in him. They gave him a back-loaded contract as a rookie, deferring most of his signing bonus to the last three years of his four-year rookie deal to protect them in case Mathieu wasn’t the rehabilitated person he told them he was and who they believed he was. In August 2016 — four years after he was suspended by LSU — he was given a five-year extension worth as much as $62.5 million. Of that, $21.25 million was guaranteed at signing.

In November 2016, Mathieu donated $1 million to LSU’s football program.

“I don’t have any bad vibes with LSU,” Mathieu said. “I learned so much there. I experienced so much there. I had so much fun. I met great people. I still have relationships with people there, but they just gave me the platform to really just be who I am and to show the world who I was, and I was cool with that.

“It’ll always hold a sweet place in my heart just because of the opportunity it gave me to just be who I am.”

To get from 2013 to today hasn’t been easy for Mathieu. It’s been, to some degree, a daily struggle.

He’s not ashamed of his past. He doesn’t hide it. He uses it as a reminder of what could’ve been and what could still happen. Mathieu carries it with him every day, learning from it, using it as his moral compass.

The key to getting through the past five years, Mathieu believes, was staying “levelheaded.”

“I think just me being patient, too, with myself,” he told ESPN. “All of it is learning experiences and all of it is just taking things as they come, so I don’t think you can really prepare yourself for situations or experiences unless you actually live it or do it.

“I’m always thankful for the stuff I went through and thankful for the people I’ve met, and I’m thankful even for some of the bad times because all of it helps get you to wherever you are in your life.”

So, where is Mathieu?

He’s 25. He just finished his fifth NFL season. He has two sons, a big house, fancy cars, a lot of money in the bank. He’s been an All-Pro and a Pro Bowler. He’s had two major knee injuries and has finished just two of his five seasons healthy. He’s also been a team captain, and he’s one of the Cardinals’ NFLPA player reps.

But Mathieu’s still not who he ultimately wants to be.

“I’m working toward that person and I’m trying to be that person, and I’m trying to handle relationships and I’m trying to be better with being a father and being a better football player.

“I’m just taking it in stride, all of it.”
Those close to Tyrann Mathieu are impressed by his growth as a player, but even more with his growth as a person. Norm Hall/Getty Images
‘Life is funny and weird. It’s real.’

He had to grow up faster than most people.

Mathieu’s biological father is in prison for murder. He was adopted by his aunt and uncle, Sheila and Tyrone, at 5 years old from his birth mother — Tyrone’s sister. In 2005, when Mathieu was 13, he had to evacuate New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina was approaching. He lived in Alexandria, Louisiana for two weeks before relocating to Houston for a few months. When his family decided to return to New Orleans, they found four and a half feet of water in their living room. Mathieu then watched them rebuild. In college, Mathieu turned to pot to escape the mounting pressures of being not just an SEC star but a national phenomenon nicknamed the “Honey Badger.”

The rest, well, is history.

He was suspended from the LSU football team on Aug. 10, 2012. To this day, former LSU coach Les Miles said it was one of the “hardest things” he’s ever done in coaching.

“It was terrible,” Miles told ESPN. “It was a standard policy and not one you changed on a whim. It was what you did.

“It was tremendously hard for me because I knew what kind of person Ty was. Ty was going to give you everything that he had and be a great teammate — a great leader and a quality teammate. He was never going to be a social problem.”

Mathieu was arrested in October that year. Any hope of returning to the Tigers was gone. Mathieu left school and began his full-time pursuit of the NFL. He was 20 years old at the time.

Mathieu doesn’t know how close he is to being the person he wants to be.

“Life is funny and weird,” he said. “It’s real. It’s challenging. It’s all those things. At the end of the day, I just try to balance it all out and not focus on the good, not focus on the negative, but just focus on moving forward, whether things are going good or bad.”

When Mathieu was drafted, he made a conscious decision to “walk a fine line.”

He knew the stakes. He understood his reputation. He saw the temptations. He just didn’t put himself in situations where the ability to make career- or life-defining decisions were easy.

“I just didn’t do a lot of stuff,” Mathieu said. “I didn’t go a lot of places. I didn’t put myself in situations because I didn’t think I could really handle it.

“Now, I’m cool. It’s cool. Temptation is what it is. I think my mind’s a little bit stronger.”

Mathieu feels like he missed out on the fun of his early 20s as a young adult in the real world with money in his pocket. There were times he stayed home from Las Vegas when his teammates took the short flight for a few days in Sin City. But, while he feels like he missed out, he doesn’t see it as a negative.

It was just Mathieu doing what he felt he had to do.

“I was just being me,” he said. “Other people were being them, and I was just being me. I try to hold on to that the most because, to me, that’s what’s so easy to lose, is yourself. That’s the first thing you lose before we lose anything else. I just try to be me, hold on to me, and that’s it.”

The closest Mathieu has come to giving into those temptations was after his first knee injury. Even today Mathieu said he has “about three or four reasons that I could probably use as an excuse to do whatever I want to do,” he said. “That was the way I used to think. Now, I’m 25. I feel like I’ve been in the NFL 12 years.

“I just got a different way of looking at stuff.”

‘He is a mature man at this point.’

The challenge of not giving in, of not regressing, surrounds him daily. As he keeps fending off temptation, Mathieu said he won’t look at life’s “scoreboard” to see how well he’s doing. He’s not even tempted to sneak a glimpse.

“Because, at the end of the day, I’m not perfect, so I don’t try to be perfect,” Mathieu said. “I don’t even worry about the score. I just try to live my life.”

Among all his guiding lights, Mathieu believes the biggest are his two sons, Noah and Tyrann Jr. Everything Mathieu does — good, bad or ugly — will affect them to some degree, he said. He wants them to learn from him, but he also hopes he’s the type of father and man who doesn’t have to teach his sons how to do things differently than how he did them.

Unlike Mathieu’s biological father, Darrin Hayes, who has been incarcerated for most of Mathieu’s life.

“I want to be present for my kids, and my biological father wasn’t present for me,” he said. “I have an adopted father [and] there’s certain things, good and bad, that I try to take from that relationship and try to make myself better at being a father.”

Fatherhood put a lot into perspective for Mathieu.

Lee-Collins talks to Mathieu often about providing for and protecting his kids, and when Mathieu sees his sons, he understands what that message means, Lee-Collins said.

“He grew up real quick and real fast when he was able to see it for himself in front of him,” Lee-Collins said.

Those who have known Mathieu the best during the past five years have seen the changes in him.

He’s more mature. He’s more responsible. He’s smarter. He’s more reserved. He tends to sit back and listen, then analyze what’s happening in front of him more now than he used to.

Lee-Collins used to have conversations with Mathieu where Mathieu would pepper questions about any variety of topics at Lee-Collins. Now Mathieu is the one informing Lee-Collins about different things.

When Lee-Collins visits Mathieu in Arizona, he sees an adult. Mathieu’s always been an emotional person, Lee-Collins said, but now he doesn’t let things bother him like he used to.

“He’s really at peace with himself and his surroundings,” Lee-Collins said. “You can only see that when you’re with him in his own home or with him out to eat. He’s really comfortable with himself.”

Miles believes Mathieu was trying to please everyone in college, and that’s one reason why his story at LSU ended how it did.
“I think he’s realized he can’t live his life for other people,” Miles said. “As long as he controls those things, and it appears he has, he’s going to do all the things he’s going to do.”

Rapone, who saw Mathieu as much as anyone during the season, watched Mathieu mature each year. It started when Mathieu met with the Cardinals in 2013 during a pre-draft visit in a full suit and tie, while others wore buttoned-down shirts and slacks. From there, Rapone said Mathieu has continued to grow.

“Just the accomplishments of him being able to depart from who he was and the world he was living in to what he is now is just remarkable,” Rapone said. “He is an example to every person who needs a second chance or third chance.

“Each year, he would get more and more mature. He fully understands the situation he is in at this moment, and that is because he is a mature man at this point.”

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The Cardinals will stick with Blaine Gabbert at quarterback for at least another week, but there will be some shuffling at wide receiver.
Gabbert played very well in Houston, coach Bruce Arians said Monday, working well in the offense. With Drew Stanton still healing from a knee sprain, Arians said Gabbert will be the Cardinals’ QB against Jacksonville – Gabbert’s former team – Sunday.
When Stanton completely heals, the Cards will revisit the position, Arians said. But now, Gabbert is the guy. Arians said, however, he didn’t need to see anything more out of Gabbert in game situations to show

the Cardinals what exactly they have in the veteran quarterback.
“I think I’ve known that all along,” Arians said. “I don’t think I have to find out anything else.”
The same can’t be said for the receiving corps. One move was going to be likely necessary anyway, because John Brown suffered a turf toe injury in the game and could miss some time. But Arians noted drops by Brown, Jaron Brown (someone Arians also said had been steady this season) and J.J. Nelson Sunday as plays the Cards can’t afford.
“It’s hard to describe because there is so much talent in that room,” Arians said. “When they went through OTAs and all of camp, I really thought it was the strength of our team, but it’s now become our weakness.”
Rookie Chad Williams, who has been inactive most of the season, will get a look, while rookie tight end Ricky Seals-Jones – who had two touchdowns Sunday – figures to become a larger part of the passing game. It doesn’t hurt that both got a lot of work with Gabbert when all were working with the third-string in the offseason and training camp.
“(I’m) just ready” Williams said. “I’ve been anxious for a long time. I’ve been in practice going against the best DBs in the league, sharpening up everything. Honestly, I’m just thankful for that. I feel like I’m ready.”
The Cardinals’ wide receiving corps was supposed to be a strength in 2016 as well, but the group – again, outside of Larry Fitzgerald – disappointed. Arians said last year’s problems are different than this year’s issues.
“This group is too old now for that,” Arians said. “They’ve been in too many battles to be dropping easy balls and not making plays.”
Arians was strong after the game, saying he took the blame for the failed fourth-and-1 call in the fourth quarter, an Adrian Peterson inside run that was stuffed. The Texans scored a touchdown on the next play,

making the lead the final 10-point margin.
Arians opened his Monday press conference reversing field.
“I take all that (expletive) back I said (Sunday),” Arians said. “That was a damn good call. We busted an assignment at the point of attack. That was an easy pickup. Goody (OC Harold Goodwin) had a hell of a play design, called it, and we busted an assignment. They did not whoop us up there. We just turned them loose.”
Arians did not specifically say the mistake, other than it came on the interior of the offensive line and “he blocked the wrong damn guy.” Arians also said he had never seen Gabbert run a quarterback sneak before, so he didn’t want to try it in that situation. He added that the blocking would have been the same on a sneak anyway.
In addition to John Brown’s toe, defensive lineman Josh Mauro suffered a high-ankle sprain and could also miss games, Arians said. The hope is that defensive lineman Corey Peters, who missed the Houston game with an ankle injury, can return this week. If not, it’ll mean increased snaps for those linemen still healthy.

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Quarterback talk has dominated discussion surrounding the Arizona Cardinals since Carson Palmer went down with an injury against the Rams in London.

It will likely dominate discussion throughout the rest of the season and off-season, as it does for all but a lucky handful of NFL teams.

The Heat Index takes a look at some potential options for NFL teams quarterback-shopping in the near future, including some currently on the Cardinals roster, veterans who might be available and some prospects who are still playing in college.

GIVE US YOUR TAKE: Who would you like to see be Cardinals’ QB of future?

azcentral sports ✔ @azcsports
VOTE: Where should the #AZCardinals find their quarterback of the future? (QB options: http://azc.cc/2zY9Skf )
4:33 AM – Nov 2, 2017
Current roster
Free agency/trade
NFL draft
They won’t find one soon
273 votes • 18 hours left
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QBs currently on the Cardinals roster

Carson Palmer: Maybe Carson Palmer recovers from his injury and comes back for a final season with the Cardinals, giving the team time a little time to groom a replacement. Maybe.

Drew Stanton: Perhaps the career backup surprising and steps up in Carson Palmer’s absence, giving the team an option at the position for a couple of years. He did go 5-3 while subbing for Palmer in 2014.

Blaine Gabbert: Gabbert has never had a lot of weapons at his disposal and he did show promise in Bruce Arians’ system in the preseason. Could he take the reins if given the chance?

29 Oct
B Psi @DJ_BPsi
Replying to @mikejurecki
I don’t understand why everyone seems anti-Stanton. He did well for us in relief b4. If he happens 2 play poorly, Arians will make a move.
CPDizzle @CPDizzle
Name the last time Stanton played well in any game. People are anti-Stanton because he’s terrible,and at least with Gabbert, he’s an unknown
12:15 AM – Oct 29, 2017
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Mike Bercovici: If Stanton and Gabbert get opportunities and fall short, should the team give the former ASU QB a shot? He is on Arizona’s practice squad.

MORE: NFL’s top quarterbacks | NFL’s highest-paid QBs

Potential free agent quarterbacks

Kirk Cousins: The Redskins have been reluctant to commit to Cousins for more than one season at a time. If Washington uses the franchise tag on him for a third consecutive season, any team pursuing him would have to commit two first-round picks and pay the quarterback an estimated $34 million in 2018.

Alex Smith: Alex Smith has stepped up his game this season and is shedding his game-manager label. The Chiefs have Patrick Mahomes waiting to take his spot, would they let him go in the offseason?

Colin Kaepernick: We had to list him, even though its highly unlikely the Cardinals would turn to the former 49ers QB. Still, he has to be better than some other options, right?

Tyler Dragon ✔ @TheTylerDragon
The Cardinals should sign Colin Kaepernick. He’s better than Drew Stanton, Blaine Gabbert and a healthy Carson Palmer.
4:53 AM – Oct 23, 2017
10 10 Replies 4 4 Retweets 11 11 likes
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A.J. McCarron: The Browns reportedly almost acquired the Bengals backup before the NFL trade deadline. He hasn’t seen much NFL action, but has shown promise when given the chance (a la Jimmy Garoppolo).

Drew Brees: He’s a free-agent to be in New Orleans. Could he be a stop-gap while you develop another QB?

Tyrod Taylor: Probably not an option, but could his $16 million contract next season scare away the Bills and free him up for another team?
Ja’han Jones ✔ @_Jahan
I really hope the Bills are dumb enough to pursue Kirk Cousins and the Cardinals pick up Tyrod Taylor, as a result.
12:18 AM – Nov 2, 2017
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2018 NFL MOCK DRAFTS: Quarterback options for Arizona Cardinals in first round

Potential draft picks

Sam Darnold: The USC QB has been linked to the Cardinals in some NFL mock drafts and could be there for the taking when Arizona picks in the first round. He’s had a down year, but has a lot of potential.

Ryan Finley: The NC State QB and Paradise Valley High product has only thrown one interception in college this season and is starting to gain more attention. Might he be worth a pick?

Mason Rudolph: Some scouts have raved about the Oklahoma State QB and some NFL mock drafts think he’d be a great fit in Arizona.

Lamar Jackson: The Heisman Trophy winner from Louisville could be an intriguing pro prospect and he could bring some excitement to the position with the Cardinals.

ひ21spaldingひ @MarcusSpalding
Cardinals need to listen to me this time. Draft Lamar Jackson and you will be fine
4:26 AM – Oct 23, 2017 · Montréal, Québec
1 1 Reply Retweets likes
Twitter Ads info and privacy
Josh Allen: The Wyoming quarterback would be a project, but some people love his upside. Could he bloom into something special in the desert if the team lets him have time to develop?

Who would you like to see be the Cardinals’ quarterback of the future? Share your thoughts in the comments, on our Facebook post and vote in our Twitter poll.

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Carson Palmer spends enough time on the sideline these days.
When a Raiders penalty gave the Cardinals’ starting offense new life on Saturday, the veteran quarterback was ready to take advantage.
Palmer, who’s been on a reduced workload in practice to keep his arm fresh, made his preseason debut a successful one by capping his lone drive with a touchdown pass in a 20-10 win over the Raiders.
The Cardinals initially kicked a field goal on the possession, but an illegal formation on Oakland gave them a first down. Palmer then found Brittan Golden in the end zone between a pair of defenders on a third-and-goal from the 12 for a 7-0 lead.

“That was a nice little present we got there from them on that,” Palmer said. “We did a good job executing.”
Coach Bruce Arians said in the regular season he may have kept the points on the board, but between the offensive rhythm and the setting, decided to go for the touchdown. Palmer wanted more playing time after that, lobbying to finish out a first quarter which he said Arians promised him, but Arians quickly shut that down.
“I said 15 plays,” Arians told Palmer. “You’re done.”
Palmer finished the contest 4-of-8 for 39 yards and a touchdown. He should have had a touchdown pass earlier in the drive when Jaron Brown streaked wide open across the middle of the field, but the pass sailed just out of reach.
“(Brown) was perfect,” Arians said. “(Palmer) just put a little too much juice on it.”
The first-team defense allowed the Raiders – playing without quarterback Derek Carr, running back Marshawn Lynch and wideout Amari Cooper – to march into field goal range on their first possession. Defensive tackle Josh Mauro got a paw on the kick to keep Oakland scoreless, but Arians wasn’t happy.
“We should be putting the hammer down,” Arians said. “We’ve talked about that a bunch.”
Most of the defensive starters remained in for a second series and stoned the Raiders on fourth-and-1 at the Arizona 46 to force a turnover on downs. Defensive tackle Robert Nkemdiche saw some action with that group and animatedly flew off the field after the stop.
“That feels good, man, because as a defense that’s what we’re predicated on – making stops and getting off the field,” Nkemdiche said. “If teams are going to line up and say ‘We’re going to get a first down’ and then we stop it, that’s big for us.”
Drew Stanton helped quell any rumblings of a backup quarterback controversy with a strong performance in his debut. Stanton played the second quarter, finishing 11-of-15 for 112 yards and a touchdown.

His scoring pass was a nifty one, as Stanton scrambled to his right and found tight end Troy Niklas, who navigated his way to an open area in a crowded end zone. Gabbert played the second half and finished 5-of-9 for 53 yards. He was sacked four times.
“I thought all three quarterbacks played really well,” Arians said.
Golden was one of the offensive standouts, finishing with three catches for 44 yards and a score as he battles for a roster spot. Scooby Wright registered the tackle on the fourth-and-1 stop and added a forced fumble on a kickoff, although Oakland recovered it. Recently-signed linebacker Josh Bynes finished with a team-high six tackles, a forced fumble and a half-sack.
It was a light day of work for many of the Cardinals’ stars. Larry Fitzgerald and David Johnson both started but were out of the game midway through the first series. Johnson carried the ball three times for 16 yards – showcasing a nasty stiff-arm twice on a 10-yard run – while Fitzgerald wasn’t targeted.
The Cardinals played without left tackle D.J. Humphries (hamstring), wide receiver John Brown (quadriceps) and wide receiver Chad Williams (shin splints), among others.
Overall, it was an encouraging night. The team mostly avoided injuries – tight end Ricky Seals-Jones suffered an ankle injury and Golden tweaked a groin – and the starters looked solid in their first preseason work.
“It wasn’t perfect,” Palmer said. “You never walk away feeling you did everything perfect. But it just felt good to be out playing again.”

Cheap Authentic Football Womens Cardinals David Johnson Jersey

Everyone knows Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson is a stud, but he’s also one of the league’s best bargains.

It’s an easy label to give the third-round pick from 2015 when he scored 20 total touchdowns and had over 2,000 all-purpose yards in his second NFL season

Johnson’s $800,000 salary from his four-year, nearly $3 million contract signed after the 2015 NFL Draft makes him a great fit for a concept of building the NFL’s best roster possible under the salary cap.

That’s what ESPN’s Bill Barnwell was after crafting his “perfect NFL roster,” making a full 53-man roster with a couple of rules attached.

Johnson is the team’s starting running back, and as Barnwell notes, the all-around ability of Johnson is nearly unmatched.

The only all-purpose back who compares to David Johnson is Le’Veon Bell, whose $12.1 million franchise tender all but disqualifies him for this team. Johnson will be the focus of the backfield, but he will get help.

Johnson was the lone Cardinal to make the list.

Barnwell’s rules included at least one player from each team, but no more than three from one franchise. He also used the bottom of his roster to fill out special teams roles and put a limit on seven rookies, as they are easy cheap options for this type of exercise.

For those wondering who made it over other Cardinals standouts like Patrick Peterson and Larry Fitzgerald, Barnwell wouldn’t have had the luxury of cutting costs with their selections like he did with Johnson.

His three corners — Chris Harris, Malcolm Butler and Jalen Ramsey — cost $19 million combined. Peterson’s salary for the 2017-18 season is over $13 million.

The same applied at wide receiver. Odell Beckham, Amari Cooper and Michael Thomas formed the team’s trio at a combined cost of $10.69 million while Fitzgerald makes a $15.85 million salary this season.

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TEMPE, Ariz. — Game recognizes game, or so the saying goes.

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter the sport.

Arizona Cardinals backup quarterback Drew Stanton took his family back to Indianapolis, Indiana, where he played with the Colts in 2012, to attend the Indianapolis 500 during Memorial Day Weekend. Though he has a front-row seat for the best football played on earth and is a teammate with one of the best football players of this generation (Larry Fitzgerald), Stanton wanted to see the best at another sport compete in their Super Bowl.

“It was awesome,” Stanton said. “To be able to see everything and take my son back to where he was born and be a part of that, it’s awesome to go to different sporting events and be able to see the best in the world do what they do.”

Stanton had a vested interest in this year’s race. He was pulling for Pippa Mann, who was his neighbor in Indianapolis, according to one of this tweets.

Stanton sat in between Turns 3 and 4 at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway, part of a crowd estimated to be about 300,000 large.

“You could feel that energy at the start of the race,” Stanton said. “It was awesome; those goose bumps. The cars are flying by you like a sonic boom. It was really cool to see.

“An experience that I’m really glad to say I’ve been a part of now.”