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The Cardinals will stick with Blaine Gabbert at quarterback for at least another week, but there will be some shuffling at wide receiver.
Gabbert played very well in Houston, coach Bruce Arians said Monday, working well in the offense. With Drew Stanton still healing from a knee sprain, Arians said Gabbert will be the Cardinals’ QB against Jacksonville – Gabbert’s former team – Sunday.
When Stanton completely heals, the Cards will revisit the position, Arians said. But now, Gabbert is the guy. Arians said, however, he didn’t need to see anything more out of Gabbert in game situations to show

the Cardinals what exactly they have in the veteran quarterback.
“I think I’ve known that all along,” Arians said. “I don’t think I have to find out anything else.”
The same can’t be said for the receiving corps. One move was going to be likely necessary anyway, because John Brown suffered a turf toe injury in the game and could miss some time. But Arians noted drops by Brown, Jaron Brown (someone Arians also said had been steady this season) and J.J. Nelson Sunday as plays the Cards can’t afford.
“It’s hard to describe because there is so much talent in that room,” Arians said. “When they went through OTAs and all of camp, I really thought it was the strength of our team, but it’s now become our weakness.”
Rookie Chad Williams, who has been inactive most of the season, will get a look, while rookie tight end Ricky Seals-Jones – who had two touchdowns Sunday – figures to become a larger part of the passing game. It doesn’t hurt that both got a lot of work with Gabbert when all were working with the third-string in the offseason and training camp.
“(I’m) just ready” Williams said. “I’ve been anxious for a long time. I’ve been in practice going against the best DBs in the league, sharpening up everything. Honestly, I’m just thankful for that. I feel like I’m ready.”
The Cardinals’ wide receiving corps was supposed to be a strength in 2016 as well, but the group – again, outside of Larry Fitzgerald – disappointed. Arians said last year’s problems are different than this year’s issues.
“This group is too old now for that,” Arians said. “They’ve been in too many battles to be dropping easy balls and not making plays.”
Arians was strong after the game, saying he took the blame for the failed fourth-and-1 call in the fourth quarter, an Adrian Peterson inside run that was stuffed. The Texans scored a touchdown on the next play,

making the lead the final 10-point margin.
Arians opened his Monday press conference reversing field.
“I take all that (expletive) back I said (Sunday),” Arians said. “That was a damn good call. We busted an assignment at the point of attack. That was an easy pickup. Goody (OC Harold Goodwin) had a hell of a play design, called it, and we busted an assignment. They did not whoop us up there. We just turned them loose.”
Arians did not specifically say the mistake, other than it came on the interior of the offensive line and “he blocked the wrong damn guy.” Arians also said he had never seen Gabbert run a quarterback sneak before, so he didn’t want to try it in that situation. He added that the blocking would have been the same on a sneak anyway.
In addition to John Brown’s toe, defensive lineman Josh Mauro suffered a high-ankle sprain and could also miss games, Arians said. The hope is that defensive lineman Corey Peters, who missed the Houston game with an ankle injury, can return this week. If not, it’ll mean increased snaps for those linemen still healthy.

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Quarterback talk has dominated discussion surrounding the Arizona Cardinals since Carson Palmer went down with an injury against the Rams in London.

It will likely dominate discussion throughout the rest of the season and off-season, as it does for all but a lucky handful of NFL teams.

The Heat Index takes a look at some potential options for NFL teams quarterback-shopping in the near future, including some currently on the Cardinals roster, veterans who might be available and some prospects who are still playing in college.

GIVE US YOUR TAKE: Who would you like to see be Cardinals’ QB of future?

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VOTE: Where should the #AZCardinals find their quarterback of the future? (QB options: )
4:33 AM – Nov 2, 2017
Current roster
Free agency/trade
NFL draft
They won’t find one soon
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QBs currently on the Cardinals roster

Carson Palmer: Maybe Carson Palmer recovers from his injury and comes back for a final season with the Cardinals, giving the team time a little time to groom a replacement. Maybe.

Drew Stanton: Perhaps the career backup surprising and steps up in Carson Palmer’s absence, giving the team an option at the position for a couple of years. He did go 5-3 while subbing for Palmer in 2014.

Blaine Gabbert: Gabbert has never had a lot of weapons at his disposal and he did show promise in Bruce Arians’ system in the preseason. Could he take the reins if given the chance?

29 Oct
B Psi @DJ_BPsi
Replying to @mikejurecki
I don’t understand why everyone seems anti-Stanton. He did well for us in relief b4. If he happens 2 play poorly, Arians will make a move.
CPDizzle @CPDizzle
Name the last time Stanton played well in any game. People are anti-Stanton because he’s terrible,and at least with Gabbert, he’s an unknown
12:15 AM – Oct 29, 2017
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Mike Bercovici: If Stanton and Gabbert get opportunities and fall short, should the team give the former ASU QB a shot? He is on Arizona’s practice squad.

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Potential free agent quarterbacks

Kirk Cousins: The Redskins have been reluctant to commit to Cousins for more than one season at a time. If Washington uses the franchise tag on him for a third consecutive season, any team pursuing him would have to commit two first-round picks and pay the quarterback an estimated $34 million in 2018.

Alex Smith: Alex Smith has stepped up his game this season and is shedding his game-manager label. The Chiefs have Patrick Mahomes waiting to take his spot, would they let him go in the offseason?

Colin Kaepernick: We had to list him, even though its highly unlikely the Cardinals would turn to the former 49ers QB. Still, he has to be better than some other options, right?

Tyler Dragon ✔ @TheTylerDragon
The Cardinals should sign Colin Kaepernick. He’s better than Drew Stanton, Blaine Gabbert and a healthy Carson Palmer.
4:53 AM – Oct 23, 2017
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A.J. McCarron: The Browns reportedly almost acquired the Bengals backup before the NFL trade deadline. He hasn’t seen much NFL action, but has shown promise when given the chance (a la Jimmy Garoppolo).

Drew Brees: He’s a free-agent to be in New Orleans. Could he be a stop-gap while you develop another QB?

Tyrod Taylor: Probably not an option, but could his $16 million contract next season scare away the Bills and free him up for another team?
Ja’han Jones ✔ @_Jahan
I really hope the Bills are dumb enough to pursue Kirk Cousins and the Cardinals pick up Tyrod Taylor, as a result.
12:18 AM – Nov 2, 2017
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2018 NFL MOCK DRAFTS: Quarterback options for Arizona Cardinals in first round

Potential draft picks

Sam Darnold: The USC QB has been linked to the Cardinals in some NFL mock drafts and could be there for the taking when Arizona picks in the first round. He’s had a down year, but has a lot of potential.

Ryan Finley: The NC State QB and Paradise Valley High product has only thrown one interception in college this season and is starting to gain more attention. Might he be worth a pick?

Mason Rudolph: Some scouts have raved about the Oklahoma State QB and some NFL mock drafts think he’d be a great fit in Arizona.

Lamar Jackson: The Heisman Trophy winner from Louisville could be an intriguing pro prospect and he could bring some excitement to the position with the Cardinals.

ひ21spaldingひ @MarcusSpalding
Cardinals need to listen to me this time. Draft Lamar Jackson and you will be fine
4:26 AM – Oct 23, 2017 · Montréal, Québec
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Josh Allen: The Wyoming quarterback would be a project, but some people love his upside. Could he bloom into something special in the desert if the team lets him have time to develop?

Who would you like to see be the Cardinals’ quarterback of the future? Share your thoughts in the comments, on our Facebook post and vote in our Twitter poll.